Self Initiated: Concept

For my self initiated project in the second semester, we have been given the freedom to design our own brief and create our own learning outcomes, to focus on an area we feel as though we could improve on.

One thing I have noticed throughout the first year, and the first semester of the second year is that I over complicate my own work and give myself unrealistic targets, so I gave myself the task of creating a website for a small business that make bespoke infant clothing.

Things that will be completely new to me within this field are:

  • Working with a client
  • Designing for a website, that is a little out of my comfort zone
  • The use of Foundation frame work


About: IVY Clothing


IVY ‘Infant Clothier’ is a small independent business ran by Louisa Dickinson, Louisa makes clothing for her daughter Ivy using bespoke & vintage materials, to give a fashionable and retro alternative look for a parents baby girl, Also Louisa makes matching outfits for mother and daughter.

Louisa’s work is very unique and bespoke, very different from any other small business working with in this industry. Her work is very personal and linked directly to Ivy, mainly because everything that she creates is created for Ivy, she is directly linked to the business as far as having it named after her.





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