Self Initiated: Other Bespoke Baby Clothing Websites

As part of my research stage I decided to look at other bespoke baby clothing websites to develop a greater understanding of design, colour schemes, and presentation of content. And to see if there are any trends that are prominent throughout these websites.

Flora & Henri

The website for the Flora & Henri is fairly simplistic using a lot of white space, using a very similar use of photography to show off the product, using a blank white canvas on the background to emphasise the colours and personality of the clothing. Similar to what I mentioned when analysing IVY Clothing, this website uses white space similar to the photographs to really make the products stand out, because after all thats the main purpose for this website to sell the product.

As you can see in the picture bellow, Flora & Henri’s photographs are very similar to IVY clothing using the same technique.


Here is the landing page for the Flora & Henri website, as soon as you enter the website the most prominent thing on the page is the photographs standing straight out. They are large and prominent across the main page filling all available space, because they are the main centre piece of the site and the main purpose is to sell this product.



The navigation is fairly simplistic, using a standard black font on a white background with a search box, and logo above. It’s straight to the point, and easy to navigate throughout the site.floranav

On the bottom of the page is a long green footer with, with a quote taken from the customer this is quite nice, and is maybe something I can reflect in my project, this process of using quotations from customer gives off the feeling that some people are personally attached to the product, which works in the companies favour because thats the look that they are going for making it quite a bespoke site.


Product (Content)  Presentation

The site not only offers clothes, but other small trinkets and accessories such as dolls, glasses, and shoes. And some of the imagery, shows off some of the accessories placed next to some of the clothing, which also helps persuade the customer to also buy something else when put in place next to an item that they are interested in, because it shows off that this accessory goes really well with this item of clothing, take for example this photograph with this dress matching complimented with a doll giraf, and a pair of shoes that goes with the dress:


On the page once you hover over an item you would like to purchase, it comes up with the name of the dress, the price, and the age groups that the dress fits. The information box pops up on the bottom of the image, its a white overlay that still allows the user to see the bottom of the dress.


Once selected the product page allows you to take a closer look at the item, using a magnifying glass to take a closer look at any patterns and the materials on the dress. This is really good way of showing off the product, and will be something I will be considering looking into when creating the IVY Clothing website.


On the individual product page, it still uses the black and white colour scheme showing the price of the product an area that allows you two select the size, and the quantity, and then a purchase button. It also gives a brief description of the material that the dress is made from, and how it is made, this allows the customer to identify straight away that the product is quality.

Bellow the section that allows you to purchase the product, it gives you the option to share this item on Facebook, which is a very good marketing technique and will allow for a lot more coverage of the product. Bellow this is a link that takes you to related or similar products, such as the giraffe that is in this picture.


One of the most important aspects of this page is the ‘size chart’, this gives the customer a description of the sizes so they can understand what sizes in inches they need depending on the age of there child.


I will be using something similar on the product page for Ivy Clothing’s website, and is something I will be researching into further to make it look nicer.