Self Initiated: Other Bespoke Baby Clothing Websites

Further research into other clothing websites, I discovered another website for a company called joules. This website has some very interesting visual aspects that really works with the company’s look, I decided to analyse this website to see if there are any areas that will inspire me for some aspect of my website.

Joules Clothing

The Layout

When you enter onto the home page again similar to the Laura & Henri website the same use of white space is very prominent. One of the biggest differences on this page, is the very large hero image that appears at the top of the screen, this shows off any sales or deals on the products they are trying to sell, with a large button that instantly redirects the user to the shop page.

This is something I will be keeping in mind when designing the website of IVY Clothing, it makes the page look more alive and vibrant, the white space really does bring out the colours in the imagery and makes it stand out among the other sections of content.


As you scroll down the page there is more large images, that show of more deals using a very suitable colour schemes that match the colours within the photographs.


Further down the page once you hit the bottom, there is a section that shows of the products that are new in. Again using very similar photography to Louisa’s photographs, using a blank white canvas in the background. This is something I will be considering when it comes to designing my website for Louisa.

And then bellow this section is the footer for the website, with in the footer is a section that allows the user to use navigate thorough the many subcategories of each page. Next to this is a form that allows the user to sign up to the news letter, so they can get all of the latest information on new releases and so forth via email. This is something I think Louisa will benefit from, because not everybody has Facebook and would create a nice alternative to market her product to other people. And then bellow this is social networking links, which is something I will be considering when it comes to the SEO side of the website.



The navigation is fairly simple with the logo of the company central to the navigation links, this stays the same throughout the website. This seems to be the same throughout the other clothing websites I have looked at as well and tells me that this is popular on clothing websites, so I will be considering this type of navigation when it comes to designing the page of Ivy clothing.

Once you hover over a link on the navigation, it brings up a drop down menu showing a more defined navigation allowing the user to narrow down there search for the page of interest, this is a nice little touch and is tidier than just having a navigation rammed filled with links.


The Products Page

The product page has a very similar design to the Flora and Henri website, again which works in my favour using the images with the blank white canvas, and the use of white space on the images to emphasise the colours within the images.


Once on the product page, you can hover of the image and it magnifies into a separate container really showing off the product and the materials it is made from. One affect I really like on this, is the the square that is being viewed on the original image stays the same colour and the rest of the image goes black and white, This is a really nice affect, and will be considering using it for IVY clothing website.




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