Self Initiated: Kath Kidston

Further research into other clothing websites, I decided to look at the Cath Kidston website. This may not be a clothing website for infants, but in terms of the style of the clothing and the materials used is very similar to Louisa’s style.

From this research I wanted to know how this website reflects the personality and style of the Cath Kidston brand, and how I could maybe carry this through into my designs for the Ivy Clothing website.

The Home Page



Above is a screen shot taken from the Cath Kidston website, very similar to the other websites I looked into previous in relation to the use of the white space, but the home page on this website is crammed with content almost cramped. Something I have noticed throughout each deconstruction of each website is that they let the images do that talking, and instead of using a set colour scheme just use the white space to emphasizes the colours within the imagery.


The header of this website uses a very basic slide show, which can be seen throughout many other clothing websites, each slide markets the different areas Cath Kidston has covered within its range such as summer clothing, and other one of celebratory ranges. This is a really nice way of showing off the clothing range, and also re-directs the user instantly and could make them also buy something in which they didn’t even go onto the page for in the first place.

The slide show showcases some very bright and colourful images which really does reflect the whole personality of the company, using extremely bright and vibrant colours to reflect the emotion of the company. On top of each image is a link that allows the user to instantly go to the clothing range that is being marketed.


Bellow the header is a section that allows the user to shop for an item depending on the print that is used on the piece of clothing. This is quite a nice way of narrowing down the search for an item, instantly when the user scrolls down the page they can find a dress that they have seen and like with the pattern instead of struggling the search for it through Cath Kidston’s range, this is a nice little concept and is something I will be considering for IVY’s website.


Bellow the shop by print section, there is a gallery made up of images linked to a hashtag on Instagram. When a user adds #mycathkidston to the end of a post, that images is then linked to this gallery, and this will show the user how popular the product is, giving personal accounts of what Cath Kidston’s items are like and also how reliable the company is.

This is something I will be looking into, it is a really good way of giving the user an idea of how popular this company is, and clarifies that product is good instantly. Instead of using a section that uses customer quotes that could have just been made up, this in my eyes is a much better way of showing customer experiences with the company and product.


The Store Page



The store page again is fairly simple, again using white space and letting the colour in the images stand out, and become the main focus on the page. The only real change in design from the home page, is that all of the big vibrant images marketing each different range are not there, just the masses of different items within the selection.

It does however on this page allow the user to narrow down the search by letting the user select from new releases, and price ranges. Along the side of the store page is a separate navigation that allows the user to narrow down the search within each category such as boy’s, or girl’s. But because Ivy clothing is mainly orientated around infant girls, this type of navigation is unnecessary for  Ivy’s website because of the limited amount of content.



On the product page, it allows the user to narrow down the age (size) of the dress, the quantity of how many of the dresses the user wants and a button to add the item to the bag. Very similar to the other product pages I have looked at, allowing the user to zoom up to the dress, so they can inspect the material further, and also at the bottom other images of the dress to show different angels and what it would look like whilst a child wore it.

Because IVY Clothing is such a small business, Louisa will not be able to make tons of the dresses at once because she is the only person running the business, so I will have to find out a way to get around the purchasing side, she usually gets people to email her when they want one of her dresses so there maybe a way I can incorporate a set way for people to choose the size, quantity, and so forth then it can be sent in as an email.


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