Self Initiated: Target Audience

One very important aspect I must understand before going into the design elements of this website… who is the target audience? by understanding this I will be able to design a website that fits and works for Ivy Clothing’s audience, in terms of usability and design.

I looked online for some kind of chart or results from a survey to indicate who the target audience for this kind of thing would be, but could not find anything that related to this subject mainly because of how unique it is, so I took it upon myself to do a tally of the age groups that are interacting and showing interest on the Ivy Clothing social networking sites.

Ivy Infant Clothier – Audience/User Interaction Tally


Here is a scan of my tally.

First of all I scanned through some of the posts on both Instagram and Facebook, and looked at the profiles of the people commenting or liking the posts, I the looked at there ages.

I decided on the most popular age groups, which where either between:

18-30 or 30-50

I then split the tally into both Female & Male, and from my finding I discovered that these pages get the most interactions from females between the ages of 18-30.


The majority of these people are mothers, and following behind are females within the same age groups who’s friends are mother’s and these people will tag there friends who are mothers in the posts.

some of the interactions where from females ranging from the ages of 30-50 showing some interests in the posts.


There was hardly any interactions from male users, the only interactions I saw on the pages was likes on the posts but no comments, implying that males are not as interested.

Here is a pie chart I created to annotate my findings much clearer.


Something else I looked into to clarify my findings was the average age a woman has there first child, this is something I believe that IVY Clothing would work well with, new mothers would be interested in this kind of thing fashionable baby clothing.


My conclusion to this piece of research is that young female mothers show the most interest in this company, which is fairly obvious.


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