Self Initiated: Content Planning

I decided to begin planning my content in relation to my research, here is a quick overview of the things I have looked at the bring me to this point:

  • Analysing other baby clothing websites
  • Analysing IVY infant clothier as a company
  • What devices are most popular when it comes to the use of one of these websites
  • Target audience research
  • Research into white space
  • Discussion with the client

Here I will showcase some rough drafts of what I believe I am going to end up creating at the end of this process, including the content plan for the website, and the pages.


Home – About – Store – Contact – (Cart Button)


For this website I have decided to use three different types of navigation two of which are used on the large screen version of this website. Here is my draft planning out the different navigation’s that I will be using.


Navigation – 1 Static Nav (Large Screen)

Navigation 1 will be only used on the large screen, it will be present on top of the hero image or video, this comes into what I was talking about previous I want to make the desktop version a unique experience with a full scale hero section, on top of that I want the navigation with the logo underneath and then a smooth scroll button that drops you down the website.

Navigation – 2 Fixed Navigation (Large Screen)

Navigation 2 will be a nav that appears at the top of the screen when scrolling and sticks to the top of the page, following the user down. This navigation will allow the user to have a constant nav which at any position on the page, can go to another page as quickly as possible.

Also this navigation will come in handy when it comes to going onto a different page, because the home page is the only page with a hero section (reasoning for this will be discussed later).

Navigation – 3 Burger/Off Canvas Menu (Small & Medium Screen)

Navigation three will only show for medium and small screens as a off canvas navigation, using a burger navigation button. This is a lot better for mobile and tablet use, with this you can make the navigation links a lot larger making it easier for the user the select on a touch screen device, but also keeps it off the main canvas of the website preventing it from getting in the way of any other content.

Cart Button

Also on the navigation will be a button that allows the user to view there store selections, and go to the checkout.

The Home Page

Here I will go through my ideas for the sections of the home page, here is my draft:


Hero Section

The hero section will be unique to the home page, my reasoning behind this is because I will be only using this section to wow the user when they first enter the page, and after this it will not be needed throughout the website. After looking at other clothing websites a lot of them have a slider, which advertise sales and different clothing ranges within a certain company’s selection. Take for example the Cath kidston home page:


But because IVY clothing is a small business, she won’t be able to keep this updated so I will be keeping a large hero section, but will be replacing the adverts for either and image or video background which reflects the personality of the company, so the user instantly gets a feel for what IVY clothing is all about.

Main Body

New In Section

On the main body the first section that will come up is the new in section, this will showcase the latest updated clothes that Louisa has put up onto the website, this will help when it comes to persuading the user to buy something that they didn’t even come onto the site intending to buy. This is inspired by the Cath Kidston hero section slider, but downsized to fit Ivy clothing because it is a much smaller business.

Shop By Print

This section again inspired by the the Cath Kidston website, allows the user to shop via a print they might like that they have seen on a dress. This helps because, if they like the print but not the dress they might be able to find a different dress with the same print.


Insta Feed

The intsa feed section again! inspired by the Cath Kidston website, creates a sense of community on the page. Allowing customers to implement there own photographs on the page via a hashtag on instagram, this not only gives other users insight into how popular the brand is but also creates a sense of community.


About Page

In this section I will discuss the ideas I have had behind my about page, here is the draft:


Main Body

About Louisa & Ivy

In this section the story behind IVY clothing will be discussed such as how it started out, and the back story of Louisa and Ivy. Because this is such a small and bespoke buisness, I believe it is important to let the users know how it all started, and because I want this website to be quite personal for Louisa I believe this would give off the effect, and create quite a personal bond between the user.

About The Product

In this section the user will be given insight into how the product is made, and what materials it is made from. This shows off professionalism, and makes IVY clothing look as though it cares for detail which it does, and again creates that bond between customer and brand.

Store Page

Here I will go through my ideas for the store page of the website, here is my draft:


Filtration Section

At the very top of the store page, is a section just underneath the navigation that allows the user to filter the content that shows up in the section bellow. They can either filter the content via:

  • Pattern
  • Infant or Mother & Daughter (Matching)

This is inspired by the Flora and Henri filtration system on the store page seen here, in this screenshot:



Main Body


In this section the clothing is showcased, but the results depend on the filtration of the content.


The contact section is located at the footer of every page, when the user selects the contact link within the navigation, the user is then smooth scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the page, the contact footer will include:

  • Email Form
  • Social Networking Links

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