SELF INITIATED: Font Phsycology & Font Selection

I researched into different types of fonts, to discover three fonts that would fit the personality of the IVY Clothing website, as a rule a website should only really use three different types of fonts so I looked into different fonts that I could use for:

  • The Main Heading
  • The Sub-Heading
  • The Main Body Of Text

Before searching for my fonts I looked at an article called ‘Font Psychology: What Your Font Says About Your Website’ to get an understanding of the different font types and font phycology, and how a certain style of font can really reflect the personality of your brand.

Main Heading (Scriptive) – Crunchy

For the main heading font I looked into a style called scriptive, because this article explains how a script font is:

  • Good for headings
  • Produce an elegant feel
  • Looks similar to hand writing (Bespoke)

After looking through different script fonts I came across a font called ‘Crunchy’:


I discovered that this font was for personal use only, so I went onto buying the licensing for this font for both:

  • Desktop Use
  • Web Use

The reason I bought the font is because I plan to re-design IVY clothing’s logo, and this font I believe is very fitting of the company and will be unique to IVY clothing, instead of just using a standard free font.

Sub Heading (Decorative) – Amatic

For the sub-heading font I wanted to go for a decorative style font, but I didn’t want it to be too decorative nothing over the top. A decorative font represents:

  • Playfullness
  • Individuality

During my research I came across a font called Amatic, which is exactly what I was looking for. Amatic is not over the top, but is quite stylish and is also quite a popular font that I have seen being used quite a lot.


Is is quite a bespoke font, and really does fit the style of IVY Clothing.

Main Body (sans-serif)

For the main body, I decided to go for a standard san-serif font, mainly because its easier to read when its implemented into large body’s of text.

Bellow is all of my chosen fonts together, I did this just so I could see how these fonts worked together (how they looked together), and I am very happy with how they looks besides each other so these are the fonts I will be using.



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