Self Initiated: Further Research (Target Audience)


For further research into the target audience I decided to look into the average age a mother in the UK has there first born, because I believe that IVY Infant clothing aims toward younger mother’s mainly mother’s in there 20’s or 30’s.

This piece of research will give me a greater understanding of how useful IVY Infant clothier would be. Here is the research I conducted and what I discovered from this research.

  • In 2015, over half (52%) of all live births were to mothers aged 30 and over and two-thirds (67%) of fathers were aged 30 and over.
  • The gap between children has shrunk slightly, with women leaving an average of 35 months, just under three years, between their first and second child, down from 37 in 2004, 36 months, three years, between their second and third child, down from 41, and just 33 months between their third and fourth children, down from 36 months and the smallest gap since at least 2001.

Here is a chart I found on the “Office for National Statics” that showcases the results of the average age of women when they have there first child.


Resource: Office for National Statics

  • 35 & over
    As it can been seen within this chart it quite clearly shows that mothers aged between 35 and over is dropping. 
  • 25 & Under
    As it can been seen within the chart like the older age group of 35 & over, the younger age group of 25 & under is also decreasing.
  • 25-34
    This age group is who IVY Infant clothier is aimed at and as it can be seen within the chart, new mothers within this age group are increasing.




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