Self Initiated: Persona

For my persona’s I decided I only need two one for the site manager (Louisa) and one for a customer of the website. I create small array of questions for the customer, so that they could give me an idea of what needs to be on this website, to make it functional and easy to use for a customer.

CMS Site Manger – Louisa

I already have an understand of exactly what Louisa needs from this website, after giving her a questionare.


The Customer – Angela

My boss at work is a young mother who has just given birth to her first child, so I decided to user her for my second persona. I created a small questionare for her to answer to give me an idea of what she would want form the site.


Q – What do you need from this website?

A – I need to navigate the website easily, and also I think it would be good if there was a section that keeps you updated on the latest releases.

Q – What would you use the website for?

A – I really like Louisa’s style, and love the idea of matching clothing for mother and daughter. The clothing on this website would be really nice as a gift, and the fact that her clothing is unique and bespoke gives me a reason to go on the site.

Q – What devices do you use?

A – I have a smart phone, tablet, and a laptop. Most of the time I do most of my online shopping, and social networking via my tablet, and only really use my laptop for my work.



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