SELF INITIATED: Why use white space?


Before I start building this website I decided it would be best to firstly have a look into the different design techniques I will be implementing, relating to my previous research into other baby clothing websites.

I decided to look into white space because this is something that is very prominent across each of the other website’s I have looked at, and is a bit of a trend among clothing websites. So I decided to look into this, to see how I could use this in the best possible way to make my website stand out. Here are some of the benefits of using white space:

  • Allows for easier readability and scalability
  • Prioritises user interface elements
  • Guides user on the page
  • Can create the feeling of sophistication and elegance
  • Is essential for a balanced, harmonious layout

Resource: UXMyths

Keep Elements Organised & Symmetrical 


Keeping elements such as photographs and other pieces of content within your designs organised and symmetrical is very important, because white space is not going to wow a user the best way of getting around this is positioning your content in a way it looks tidy and organised, because the content is going to be doing the talking especially within my project, the colour within the photography has to stand out to redirect the users eyes to look at the content, because after all thats what Louisa is trying to do with this website, is sell her clothing.

Also by keeping elements organised and symmetrical creates a level of elegance and class, if the content is positioned correctly.

Enhances Legibility


The use of white space not only allows the visual content to stand out a lot more it also enhances the titling and text, as long as this is accompanied by good line spacing such as the padding in-between lines of text, this again will also create a level of elegance and class. This is something I will be focusing on when creating my website.



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