Self Initiated: Colour Research & Colour Phsycology


After developing my mood board for ‘IVY Infant Clothier’, it gave me some insight into the kind of colour scheme I should maybe be implementing into this website. Keeping in mind the fact that this website is a clothing website, and the use of white space is very important mainly to emphasise the colours within the images.

Because they use of white space is going to be prominent throughout the website, for the colours I thought it would be important to implement them into the the titling on the website, and maybe some other sections for the background when there are icons present to make them stand out a lot more.

First of all I looked into colour theory, to create a greater understanding of some of the colours and which colours would represent IVY Clothing the most.



Pink can be described to be a very feminine colour, that represents:

  • Tenderness
  • Kindness
  • Pink Is  A Sign Of Hope

It can be said that pink also brings out ‘Warm and comforting feelings, a sense that everything will be okay’.

It also says that pink represents the ‘Sweetness and Innocence of a child’, and also states that is a positive colour.

After doing this piece of research, I believe that the colour pink would be a very good colour to use as one of my primary colours on the website, It would represent IVY Clothing very well, mainly because it is the colour of the “Sweetness and Innocence of a child’, and also is a very feminine colour, which IVY infant clothing is mainly aimed towards younger children.

This will be my primary colour, and different shades will be implemented across the website, not only is keeping the colour scheme simple important and not to over the top but using a simple colour scheme reflects modern web trends.

Resource: Empower Yourself With Colour Psycology

Colour Scheme

Here is the colour scheme I will be using for the IVY Infant Clothier Website.


Colour 1 – (Brighter Pink)


This primary colour of a brighter pink will be used for some sections of the pages on the website, that will contain icons, and will also be used for some main headings on the website. I believe this pink stands out quite well, and will look good on the website.

Colour 2 – (Light Pink)


This lighter pink will be used for some of the titles, and will also be used for the logo of the website, I believe it compliments the colour white which obviously will be the primary colour across the website.

Colour 3 – (Grey)


This colour will be used for the footer of the website, containing the contact information for Louisa. I believe this colour compliments, the white and will also allow for the important contact information to stand out.


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