Self Initiated: Rebranding ‘IVY Clothing’ Logo


Now that I had a vast understanding of exactly who Louisa is, and the personality of her small company IVY Infant Clothier, and what fonts and colours would represent the company the best, I decided to begin looking into rebranding the business.

Creating a logo that represents the company in question is very important, a logo of a company is the ‘Face’ of the company, and can affect areas such as the marketing of the business and how the consumer views the company as well. It is very important to make sure that each element such as the typography, and colours represents exactly, who the company are and what they do.

I decided to look further into the different bespoke baby clothing companies, but this time focusing on there logos and how they represent the company to gain some form of inspiration.

Here are four key Points, to consider when rebranding a logo:

  • Think about the essence of the company (Who they are, what do they do, What emotions do they represent?)
  • Keep it simple
  • Make them different from there competitors
  • Don’t change to much at once

Resource: Webdam


The Current Logo


In my eyes the current logo does not represent the emotion and personality of IVY clothing, its fairly bland using standard sans serif fonts with no real colour implemented to represent the emotion and personality of the brand.

It is quite obvious that Louisa has created this logo with brands such as ‘TOPMAN’ and ‘Marc Jacobs’ in mind, even though these companies make and sell clothing, they do not share the same target audience as IVY clothing does.

My idea is to recreate this logo, keeping the structure of it in mind and only really changing the fonts and implementing a colour that represents the business. It is important that the logo I create, must reflect on the four key points discussed above, and also make sure this logo works in different sizes, and can work on both black and white backgrounds.


Other Logos




After researching into different fonts, and what they represent I discovered that ‘Script’ Fonts:

  • Look Bespoke
  • Produce and Elegant Feel

The Joules logo, is just the name of the company but uses a script font, and obviously want to represent there product which I can see from my research is ‘Bespoke’ and different from other companies that follow the same purpose to sell infant clothing, so in this way the use of a script font for there logo, really does represent what they do.



And the same thing goes for ‘Flora and Henri’, they also use a script font which again looking back into the font phycology represent the company perfectly, and there bespoke range.

I have noticed that also the use of script fonts is a trend among baby clothing companies, and it would be smart to stick to this style, but at the same time keeping it different but within the same realm as the other logos.




Here is my rebrand of the ‘IVY Infant Clothier’ Logo, as discussed above keeping the burger structure of the original the same, but implementing different fonts and colours to represent the company better.



I bought licensing for the secondary font, so it can be used both online and also be used for print, this will allows for this font to be unique to IVY Clothing to an extent, and will allow her to use it on tags or anything else she may use it for in the future.

I implemented the lighter pink I chose for the website, because I believe that pink really does reflect IVY Clothing and the personality that Louisa has put into place, here is the logo in comparison to the the previous logo.


Logo Testing

Here is the logo tested on both white and black:


Here is the logo tested and put into different sizes:


After testing to see how the logo looked in white and black, and also in different sizes I could confirm that the logo would work and also could argue in my eyes represents the company perfectly.

I then showed it to Louisa, and she was extremely happy with what I had done and gave me the go a head to use it for the website.


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