Essay One – Average Time Spent On a Smart Phone

In this post I will look into the average time spent on a mobile or tablet device in relation to the use of applications. This piece of research will allow me to understand exactly, how this may effect the user of a hololens, mainly because the device is application driven.




Since the year 2011 the time spent on applications on either smartphone and tablet, has slowly risen and in the modern day it is estimated that the average user spends.


The Average time spent using an application on either tablet or mobile device, is  3 hours and 15 minutes.


It is said that by the year 2017 that this number will rise, but not by much. It is estimated by the year 2017 the average user will spend up-to  3 hours and 23 minutes per day using a mobile or tablet application.

If a user was to spend this much time each day, using applications on the Microsoft hololens it is pretty self evident that this could have some terrible on affects on the user.

Resousource: EMarketer


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