ESSAY ONE – Microsoft Hololens Problems?

After doing some research into the Microsoft Hololens I discovered that there are a few big problems with the device.

Number One – The Size Of The Device


One of the first things I noticed when I first saw the Microsoft Hololens, was the shear size of the thing. One of the greatest things about mobile devices, and tablets you have instant access to the applications, and very easy to use, on the go when you need to use these applications it is so much easier to just grab a small device out of your pocket and have a look at the different apps, instead of sticking a large head set on to see what the weather is going to be like tomorrow.

Also people have said, that when using the device after a while it has become very uncomfortable and have had to remove the head set even when they have been right in the middle of a game or scanning through a social network, people have said that it becomes unbearable to use.

Also one of the head competitors of this device would be ‘Google Glasses’, and in comparison to the Hololens the google glasses are fairly light weight, and may not be as iritating to carry around, and wear as the hololens may be.

Number Two – Restriction to Your View

Another thing that I have discovered after reading more about the Hololens, is that fact that the viewable area through the glass is very restricted, meaning that what the user can actually see through the glasses is very limited, which in turn limits how immersive the whole experience can be. This also means that the visuals that are implemented into the real world, are smaller meaning that the visual display may not be as amazing as it might be from an oculus rift which places you into a virtual world, instead of just implementing one into the real world.

Number Three – Dilute User Perception Of Reality

The dilusion of a users perception of reality has been a big talking point for centuries in relation to virtual reality. Theories such as ‘Hyper Reality’ argue that these types of devices, over shadow a users perception of the real world and the virtual world.

I believe that the use of a hololens falls under this category, because not only does it place the user in the realm of virtual reality but this virtual content also gets mixed in with the real world, and I believe that this could have detrimental effects between the user and there connection with whats really there and what isn’t, thinking about how much time a user spends on there phone using applications is a lot of time, but then think about how this could effect the use of a hololens? people could spend hours and hours a day living within this realm of real and not real, and could have some deep phycological effects on the user.


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