Essay One – Microsoft Hololens VS Google Glasses

In this post I will compare and contrast both google glasses and the hololens, to discover any faults in Microsofts product in relation to another device that is use for a very similar purpose.

I will compare the design, and functionality of both products to try and create a greater understanding of any flaws within the hololenses design.



“Google Glass was designed to be as unobtrusive as a pair of regular glasses. The idea was that you would be comfortable wearing the headset all day.

Microsoft HoloLens isn’t aiming for that at all. It’s a computer of sorts, designed to be used in a relatively fixed location for more intensive set tasks. It’s the laptop to Google Glass’s smartphone.”

This indicates to me that even though google glasses, and the hololens are fairly similar in some aspects, in relation to there functionality they are both designed for different purposes in terms of use, the hololens can be put into the same category as a desktop computer or a laptop because it is made to be used in doors, where as google glasses light weight design and applications are designed to be used for when the user is on the move.

Which sort of describes why the hololens is designed to be a bit bigger.


The hololens in comparrison the google glasses grants a lot more control to the user, in relation to how they can react with the holograms. The Hololens uses speach recognition, and hand gestures to allow the user to manipulate content, where as Google Glasses only uses voice recognition.

Again this shows how limited

Here’s and excerpt taken from: Trustedreviews



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