Introduction: Y2:S2 Technologies, Platforms & UX


For this project in ‘Technology’s, Platforms & UX’ we have been asked to write two different essays, for the first essay we have to critically analyse and evaluate the development of a future technology, it has been left up-to us to choose what technology we analyse within this essay.

Essay One Concept: Microsoft Hololens


I decided for the first essay I will be writing about a fairly recent technology that has only come into existence within recent history. The Microsoft Hololens was introduce back in April 2015. This product works via using virtual reality, similar to other headsets such as the ‘oculus rift’ and other virtual reality product.

Only the Hololens can be argued to work in a similar way to other devices that we use today, such as tablet’s and mobiles to view the weather and other applications, only the Hololens projects these as virtual objects that the user can interact with in more of an immersive way.

“Where your digital world,
is blended with your real world”

I beleive this product will be a very good talking point for my essay, which will probably have some good arguments and resources arguing for and against this product. as you can see within the first section of this video, all of the different applications such as:

  • Weather Apps
  • Google Maps
  • Entertainment Apps (Youtube, Games)

Through the Hololens can now be implemented into the real world, and this I believe is probably some of the most ground breaking new technology in relation to the future of web development.



Essay Two Concept: Hull College New Media Website

In the second essay we have been asked to choose a technology or service, that we have believe can be improved, and write an essay alongside diagrams and designs and details that argue in favour of your choices as re developing this service or technology.


After using the Hull New Media website for the last two years, I believe that this is in need of an upgrade, even though it does its job to an extent I believe that it is in need of re development and improvements. Considering this website is for the students working within the new media department of Hull College, I believe that it is incredibly out dated and is in need of re development with a new look, and a better system for how everything operates.



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