Essay One: Understanding the Microsoft Hololens

The Microsoft Hololens is a ground breaking piece of technology, which will pave the way of future developments of technology. It has created a new way we interact with not only the digital world, but also how we interact as people.

The Hololens is a head mounted display, that implements virtual objects into the real space that a user can see in front of them. These holograms interact with there surroundings, and can be manipulated via the user. Such as the user can create a virtual television screen, and then place it onto a wall.

The user can also select whilst using the hololens which areas of there surroundings they want the holograms to interact with, take for example this video, it allows the user to select the areas of the room that they want the holograms to interact with, and then the hololens makes a map allowing it to understand its surroundings :

This allows the Hololens to:

  • Implement sound at different areas of the head set, depending on the areas that have been selected for it to interact with.
  • Place holograms to interact with the users surroundings.

This allows for the user to create an environment within there home space, making the environment blend in with virtual objects, creating a level of immersion. The Hololens has opened new doors in relation to how we work, and how we connect with people. As it can bee seen within this image, a person using the Microsoft Hololens as they work.


It shows a person working on the body of a motorbike, and using the Hololens to present a 3d holographic aid that allows the person working on the bike to have a better visual understanding of how her work on the screen will look in the real world. In comparison to the oculus rift, which only puts you within a virtual reality, the hololens mixes virtual elements with real world elements, which it can be argued that this is a much safer way of using virtual reality because the user can actually see physical objects and know there surroundings rather than when using an oculus rift, a user could lean on something that isn’t physically there and fall over, so in that sense its a much safer way of using virtual reality.




Microsoft Hololens Official Website:  Microsoft Hololens


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