Major Project – Introudction

For my major project for year 3 I have been given a brief that allows me to independently research my own area of interest, and to concept, or build the project I have in mind, but I have must have a clear vision and also the project must have a purpose.

It reads in the brief that I must explore, experiment and innovate, building on my own experience, appreciation and understanding of my own subject area, giving my own work its own identity through choices of content, subject matter, form and medium.

Bellow is my introduction to my idea, with a summary of exactly what I want to have achieved by the end of the year.


For my major project I have decided to go with an idea that has been with me since I started my course, I have decided to make an Interactive and Immersive Graphic Novel. I want to take the old methods of telling a story in graphic novel form, but bring it to the web and make it a lot more immersive using animations and sound, to bring a graphic novel to life.

Here is a list of things I am planning on doing to achieve my final product:

  • Write a story
    One of the first things I must do to achieve my goal of making this interactive graphic novel is writing a story, but first I must research and get some inspiration for my novel.
  • Illustrate the story
    The next step after story boarding the story is to illustrate the novel, drawing the characters and each scene of the novel, and maybe implementing some form of
    animation to my drawings using Adobe After Effects.
  • Create music/sound effects for the story
    Something I will be using is a program to create music and sound effects for the graphic novel using a program called Fl Studio.
  • Code
    After finishing all of these stages I will then begin by stitching all of these different elements together to create my final product. The code will be Java Script heavy, for all of the effects and animation, and sections with sound.




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