Major Project: Analysis Of Other Online Graphic Novels

For my first piece of research I decided to look into some already existing online, interactive and immersive graphic novels, to gain some inspiration and ideas for my project, in relation to sound, animation, illustration, and layout to try and create a greater idea in my head of what is possible and what route I will be taking to create my graphic novel.

The Boat


Section 1 – (Introduction)

Once entering the boat page, the first thing that appears is an animation of a boat caught in the middle of the storm, with the title of the graphic novel. One of the things I really like about this first section is the animation used for the rain over laid over the top of the animation of the boat, it adds some form of depth to the first section.

Section 2 – (Chapter 1)

Once you enter into the first section of the page, the story comes in using some very bleak illustration that depicts the emotion of the first chapter, alongside the sound effects of a storm, not only does the illustration and sound represent the emotion of the first section but the animation also emphasises the story and emotion, when you scroll down the sections with the illustrations jolt to the left and the right, creating the effect and look of something falling apart like the boat.

Section 3 – (Chapter 2) 

The tone of the story now changes using a lighter and brighter colour scheme, using the colours white and a light pink that is used to also depict the emotion of the second chapter. Something else I have noticed form going from the first chapter to the second, the transition between both have different sounds that fade in and out depending on the chapter, the sound used on the second chapter is a lot more clam that reflects the design of the chapter.

Land Of The Magic Flute

Section 1 – (Introduction)

One of the first things I have noticed about this graphic novel, is the use of ‘auto scroll’ its more of an actual animation rather than a graphic novel, it uses some really detailed and colourful illustration and animation that really brings out the emotion in each section accompanied by sound.

Section 2 – (Chapter 1)

Once you move onto the section section, it becomes evident that this novel is laid out a lot different from the usual, it is more like a film or animation. After using the auto scroll, the first section then moves into click navigation using animations overlaid over the top of some very bright and detailed illustrations.

Similar to ‘The Boat’ the sound is very prominent throughout, and changes depending on the section you are on presently and fades out when going into a different section.

Section 3 – (Further Chapters)

Throughout the rest of this interactive graphic novel it sticks to the same navigation and use of changing sound depending on the section you are on presently, in this case this is okay because the animation, illustration, and sound keep it interesting.

Here is a video showing off ‘The Land Of The Magic Flute’ in animation form:




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