Major Project: How does sound evoke emotion?


One of the most important aspects of my project will be the sound, this aspect of my graphic novel will allow me to create the emotion I want to evoke in each section/chapter of my story.

I decided that the first port of call for me, was to create the music because this is something that is really going to lay out the theme for my story, and music is something that always inspires me when it comes to doing anything creative so I decided to look into creating my music first, but first of all I must look into how to evoke the emotion in my music that I want the user to feel depending on the section.



Things To Keep In Mind:


Make sure there is continuity within the soundtrack

One thing I have taken from my research into the other online graphic novels is how within each section the music emits the theme/emotion of each chapter, but the music must flow between each section even though they are emitting different emotions they must fade in together when scrolling, to create some form of continuity.

Keep It Minimal But Interesting 

One of the most important things to keep in mind when creating a soundtrack for this type of project, is to keep the sound as minimal as possible it is only there to emit the emotion of each section, if the sound is to over the top it could get on the users nerves and make them turn the sound off which will effect the over all experience of the final product, because the user will not be able to feel the emotion you are trying to get across.

Even though the music must be minimal, that doesn’t mean it has to be simplistic. Keeping the same melody but changing it ever so slightly depending on how far it is into the music, such as adding sound effects to the background example (Lightning, the sound of rain), and even changing the key of the melody.

Here are some aspect I must keep in mind when creating my soundtrack:

  • Tempo & Rhythm
  • Pitch, Melody & Harmony
  • Pattern recognition
  • Culture aspects

My Soundtrack

Main Theme

Version 1 – (Minimal)

 Version 2 – (Minimal, With Slight Changes)


Evoking emotion in pure sound design


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