One of the first steps before deciding on what my graphic novel is going to be about, and how it will be designed is to look into different styles of graphic novels and create an understanding of how different styles of graphic novels evoke emotion and who they are aimed at in relation to colour schemes, the story, and how they are laid out.

Through creating the music and developing an idea of what kind of style I want to go for will allow me to create an idea of the type of story I will be creating, and will also allow me to understand exactly who I am aiming the novel at.

Colour: Uses of colour in graphic novels

I began this piece of research by looking to an article that discusses the colour used depending on the certain mood of a chapter and scene within a graphic novel, and then how the use of colour can depict a certain feeling or emotion within the user.

“Certain arrangements in a story can establish the mood. Cooler tones, like blue and purple, indicate feelings of sadness or reflection. On the other hand, warmer hues, like red and yellow, suggest high-energy emotions like anger or excitement.”

Example 1.

Take for example this extract from a superman comic book the use of brighter and more vibrant colours, such as yellow and red, these represent high energy emotions like anger or excitement.



Example 2.

Another important use of colour within graphic novels and comics is usually depending on the character if he is a good guy or a bad guy, the colours usually stick to a very similar colour scheme, such as.

The Good Guys usually have a select colour pallet of, many well known super heroes stick to a strict colour pallet of (red, blue, yellow), and popular villains use a colour pallet of (orange, green, purple) this allows the reader to understand that these characters are dominant. With the use of colours I can make the user/reader feel the emotions I am wanting them to feel depending on the chapter.



Color Subliminal
chrome://newtab/Evoking Emotion With Story Telling

Creating Emotion in the Reader


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