One piece of research that is important to the conclusion of my project is to decide on exactly what style I am going for with my project, not only will I be looking at the styles of graphic novels but also other trends such as films, and music, to allow me to create something that is more current.

Current Trends

Something that is very apparent in the modern day is that currently 80’s style movies and music is currently in fashion. A lot of modern music and movies, are inspired by old 80s styles such as the movie released in 2011 ‘Drive’, this was the first movie in years to use the old 80s style cinematography and music, this film kick started the trend in modern 80s style films.


Not only was this film such a big hit, some of the soundtrack made its way into the charts, such as this song ‘Kavinsky – Night Call’, which is bellow here.

After the release of ‘Drive’ many other films baring a similar style with the music and cinematography, such as the film ‘The Guest’ and even more recent the hit Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’.

It seems that recently there is an air of nostalgia with this era, which works with my idea because in the 80’s Graphic Novels where quite popular and also have there own style which is different from the modern day graphic novels, such as ‘Sin City’ which appeared at the end of the 80s.

This means I can do something similar with the old 80s style graphic novels, the same as the film industry has used older techniques to make the films more retro and stylish, I could bring back the style of 80s graphic novels, here is an example of the old graphic novel illustration and style taken from the ‘Sin City’ graphic novel:




As you can see the illustration used in the Sin City graphic novels consist of the use of White Space, using the main focal points of each section white against a black background really making it stand out, but then every now and again depending on the relevance and the importance to the scene making them a brighter colour and making them stand out such as the title of the story.

This trend can be seen throughout various different graphic novels and comic books, the use of detailed drawings using black and white illustrations here are a few examples.






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