Client Project: 80 Day’s Bier Haus Analysis



For one of my first pieces of research, I decided to analyse 80 days as a business and look into the details of what actually makes 80 days the business that it is. Not only will I be looking at exactly what the business does, I will also look online to see what online to see if 80 days has any online presence at all.


– What is 80 Day’s Bier Haus? –


80 Days Bier Haus is a small bar located down princes avenue hull, the bar specialises in craft biers from around the world, changing stock ever week so it gives the customers reason to come back every week. The bar is two years old in April of this year, and is growing every more popular by the day.

Not only does 80 Day’s specialise in craft beers, they also have the largest spirit selection down the avenue, from a wide range whisky’s, Rums, Bourbons and Vodka to an even wider range of craft gin.



–  The Look and Feel –


I decided to take some pictures of the bar, to try and reflect on exactly what kind of look 80 day’s is going for, and to develop an idea of exactly what kind of a website I will need to create.

here are some of my pictures.

In this picture it shows off the look and feel of the bar quite well, showing off the rugged look of the wall paper. As you can see in the picture, there is a painting on the wall because 80 days is not only just a pub, but also owns an art exhibition licence so artwork is displayed throughout the year, this is something to keep in mind for when  it comes to deciding  on pages of the website.


In this picture you can see the shelves that have all of the beer on them, as you can see it is a large variety of different world beers. Something to take note of, this shows how small the bar really is from the first picture to the second is pretty much the entire bar.


Under the archway is an extremely detailed drawing that goes from one end of the archway to the other, drawn by a local artist. Within the drawing it has references to different beers from around the world, and really reflects what the bar is all about.



Also some inspiration for design can be taken from the draft handles (fonts), that show off the branding for some of the beers in a more physical form. Such as the Berliner handle on the far left.


I took this picture because for me it represents the sense of humour of the bar, “Donald Trump Assassin Fund”.


The bar itself is incredibly small, with furniture that does not match creating quite a rough and bespoke atmosphere inside of the bar. Princess avenue is known for its bars and restaurants, but the majority of them are pretty much the same, so 80 day’s sticks out like a saw thumb.


–  Online Presence –


I decided to look into what presence the bar has online, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages. This piece of research will allow me to see what exactly 80 days will need to use the internet, what kind of things they need to get out there, this will allow me to understand what I need to incorporate into the website.

The use of social networking sites are the best way to get across to your customers, because


80 days has got a Facebook page, and an Instagram page, so I looked into what kind of things they share on the page.

Use Of Social Networking

1. Sharing Photographs of New Beers

One very important aspect of the use of social networking for 80 days bier haus is to let your customers know every time you get a new selection of beers in.




2. Letting Customers Know of Any Special Events

Another thing 80 days uses Facebook and other social media is to advertise any events that are happening at the bar.


– Reflection –

I feel as though through this piece of research, even though I already have a good idea of what 80 Days is all about as an employee and customer I have been able to create a more refined idea of exactly what the bar is going for, both in look and needs for the internet.


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