Client Project: Client Meeting 1 – Notes

– Client Meeting 1 – Notes –




For my first client meeting, I created a brief questioner to begin the process, and to develop an understanding from the get go of exactly what the client thinks of:

  • Their own business
  • What they think they need and want from the website
  • Who are their customer base/target audience
  • Who are their competitors

so the first port of call was to meet with the client at their business and ask the questions from the answers I needed to carry on with the process of developing this website for my client.

Here are the scans of my drafts of the questions:

After asking the questions I then went home to create a greater visual representation of my questionnaire to make it easier to read, which can be seen bellow.



– Reflection –

Reflecting on this piece of research, the answers that where given gave me a good idea of exactly what they think of their business but, the answers that referred to “Target Audience” and “Competitors” where fairly brief, so I will be conducting further research into these areas to develop an idea of:

  • Who the businesses competitors are and to see if they have any web presence at all to maybe gain some inspiration of how we can further better this bar in particulars website when it comes to the building process.
  • Who the target audience is and how I can build this website to fit them, but not only that this piece of research can better serve the bar itself when it comes to reaching out to the target audience not only through a website but maybe through menus, or advertising ect…and also maybe give the owners insight into who they themselves with there Aproach on Facebook can better aim their audience.

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