Client Project: Competitors Anaylsis

– Competitor Analysis –




A very important stage within the research for this project is to understand who the main competitors are, and conduct an analysis on:

  • Competitors Strengths

    It is incredibly important to understand the strengths of your competitors because this will allow you to see your weaknesses in certain areas such as, prices, services, convenience, inventory – and understanding this will allow you to improve these areas, by understanding how your competitors accomplish this.

  • What Are Their Weaknesses?

    Understanding the areas your competitors are weak, allows you to take advantage of that and will improve your business as a whole.

  • What Marketing Strategies Do They Use?

    Understanding how they market their business is extremely, important. analysing how successful or un-successful gives you insight into how  to better improve your marketing, and keeps you ahead of your competitors.

  • Visit Their Locations

    Visiting your competitors locations will allow you to see as a business how their experience is different to yours, how they function.

  • Look On Their Website

    One of the most important parts of my process is to look on their websites, to gain inspiration for design and usability, because if they have a website in most cases unless it has been created by an amateur some one will have gone through the same process as me to develop the most perfect website they can to represent the business they have built it for.




– The Competitors –


Now I had a good understanding of how I will be conduction my competitor analysis, I decided to look into within Hull we are in direct competition with. Obviously the first place I looked where the bars located within the same street of 80 day’s, but it would a pointless practice because none of the bars down princess avenue share the same business model as 80 days.

80 days is a stand alone craft beer bar down princess avenue, whilst the rest are more cafes and pubs that offer the standard service, and products, so I decided to look else where in the city, my first step was to search on the internet for “Craft Beer Bars” in Hull, and create a list of who I believe we are in direct competition with and then begin my analysis of these businesses.

Here are my findings from the first search, to see who are the top dogs in this industry and hull, and who are best search optimised in relation to “Craft Beer Bars”:

– Hull Craft Beer Bars –

  • Hop & Vine
  • Head Of Steam
  • Larkins Bar
  • The Peoples Republic
  • Furley & Co
  • The Boat House
  • Chris’ Craft Beer Emporium
  • The Board Room


After Researching a little more into these bars and looking online to try and find some form of web presence I noticed a few of these bars don’t even have websites, and new from my own personal experience that a few of these bars do not in anyway bare similarities to 80 days so I whittled the search down to three bars, that I knew had websites and are potential competitors in the market.

Competitor 1
– The Board Room –


The Board room cafe is a small craft beer bar/cafe that offers a unique experience to the people of hull, which in the same vain can say it bares resemblance to 80 days in that sense. The Board Room allows its customers to enjoy a craft beer, whilst playing a board game out of their wide selection of board games.


In some cases it can be argued because of the experience the Board Room offers, it gives the customer more to do once at the bar, such as playing a board game, or also offers the choice of having something to eat.

The Board Game cafe is working with Hull Pie which is a very popular business in hull, allowing people to order pies directly to the cafe.


It can be argued that their selection is not as large as the selection in 80 day’s, and also to enter the bar you have to pay for a table for a couple of hours to play a board game which is something that you do not need to do in 80 days.

Marketing Strategies? 

The Board Game Cafe uses the same technique as 80 days, using social networking to upload images and event times on Facebook and other platforms, showing off their new selection of craft beers and rarities.



One other thing is they have a promotional video, which is a really good way of showing off the whole essence of the business, it shows the look and the feel of the place and also what they are all about in a short amount of time, here it is:

– The Website –

Home Page

I decided to when looking at the website to stay away form any unnecessary content, such as the fact they sell board games because it is irrelevant to my research.

Once on the first page of the website, I noticed instantly that it stuck to the usual large hero image, which is a common web trend at the moment. The website is only fairly basic, with five options in the navigation there is:

  • Home
  • Bar
  • Play
  • Shop

I thought it was a fairly odd choice for the about us page being named “Bar” which I think is quite misleading and before selecting the page, i felt confused as to what I was going to be entering, underneath the hero section is the video they use to market the experience to the board game cafe, social networking links, and then underneath that a selection of there board games that are up for sale.


Bar Page

The bar page which should be titled “About” gives a brief description of what the bar offers such as the drinks, food, and the board games, nothing really special in terms of design, it gives off a fairly bland approach at reflecting the mood and feel of the business.


Underneath this section comes to one of the most important parts of the website, which tells the user a little bit about the beers. Again a fairly bland approach at presenting there products, for somebody who drinks craft beer it is important to know exactly what a bar has in at the current time, so its important to include a CMS or use Facebook API to showcase exactly what beers you have in currently which is something this page doesn’t use, these are static images of beers that have been around for a while and wouldn’t really catch the interest of somebody who is into craft beer.




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