CLIENT PROJECT: Target Audience

– Target Audience –




For my first piece of research into the target audience, I first looked into existing current and up to date research into the target audience of:

  • Craft Beer
  • Micro Pubs

This will form an idea in my head of who exactly I will be aiming this website at, and who will show the most interest in what I am aiming to create. This piece of research will not only benefit the website for the business, but I will also approach the owners with my findings so they can better create an experience within bar for their target audience, it will hopefully inspire them to use different approaches and techniques to create greater interest within their audience.


– Craft Beer Lovers –




I began by looking into the target audience of Craft Beer to develop an understanding of who exactly shows the most interest in craft beer in relation to:


  • Age Groups
  • Gender


The first resource I came across is from an infographic found on “Infogram” which contains some very useful information, and covers all of the bullet points above.


It quite clearly states on the first piece of the Infographic that craft beer is mostly popular among the male population.


It claims that craft beer is most popular among males aged between 35 – 54, Closely following are males aged between 21 – 34 and then the age group showing the least interest are males aged 55 and over.

44%: 34 – 54

32%: 21- 34

24%: 55 and over


As already discovered Craft Beer is least popular among the female population, but that does not mean that women are not interested in Craft Beer as this Graph Shows:


As you can see this chart has slightly different stats, it shows that among the female population Craft Beer population it is most popular among the age group of 21- 34 the younger age group, with the age group of people between the ages of 35 – 54 coming a close second, and again it states that Craft Beer is least popular among females over the age of 55.

44%: 21- 34

37%: 35 -54

19%: 55 and over

Resource: Who Drinks Craft Beer?



During my research I came across an article on the “Brewers Association”, which discusses the characteristics of Millennial Drinkers, and what they look for when it comes to finding the best spot to go and drink craft beer.

1. The Millennial Drinker Defines Craft Beer as small, Independent, High Quality and Local.

According to the ‘Brewers Association’ the millennial craft beer drinker enjoy craft beer for its uniqueness and exclusivity, and prefer higher quality drinks.

2. The Millennial Drinker Connect Digitally With Friends and Companies.  

(This is an extremely important point made by the ‘Brewers Association’ for my project)

According to the ‘Brewers Association’ 34% respond positively to when a brewery has their own social networking page or website, increasing their interests in a particular brewery.

Recommendations from family members in relation to the purchasing of craft beer, social networking is the biggest culprit.

62% of millennial drinkers show more interest when engaged by the brewer, or bar on social networking, show more interest and become more loyal customers.

42% are interested in engaging in the manufacturing of new beers, through sharing ideas for future brews with ideas.

Resource: Brewers Association


In an overview of this piece of research it is fairly obvious throughout the research that the majority of modern craft beer drinkers are millennials of both sexes:

Craft beer is most popular among men aged between – 34-54

Craft beer is most popular among women aged between – 21-34

After conducting this research I decided that because craft beer is popular among both sexes I would aim my website at people aged between:

-Age group-



Resource: Demographic Of Craft Beer Lovers



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