Now I had a good understanding of my audience, I decided to look at other craft beer brewery and pub websites, to gain some inspiration for my website, and also develop an understanding of any common themes and trends throughout the websites.

After having a good knowledge already of other breweries, I picked out the top three websites of the most popular craft beer brewers, because they are the prime example of exactly what should be expected from a website based on Craft Beer.





Out of all of the websites that will be discussed within this section of the report, this is my favourite and inspires me the most. Not only is it visually beautiful but you can also tell that this website really has the target audience and user in mind throughout the design and navigation of the website.

Home Page

One you enter onto the home page, their is a large background video hero section with some really nice crisp visuals of people brewing the beer and of other beers, this really stands out when you come onto the page and is the main focus point of the home page.

The good thing about using a background video is that it tells the user more about the business than they can just describe it with text or an image, it really gives out the feel of the company, and also looks really good so this is something I will be considering for my website.


As you move further down the website, it showcases the main purpose of the website, the beer and also events that stone will be putting on. Using large crisp image links with a really nice hover effect, which works really well with the overall feel and design of the website, something I will keep in mind when making my website is to make sure I put the product first on the home page, because it is the most important aspect of the website.


Bellow this section is the footer, with social networking links, accompanied by a quote, and also a form that allows users to enter their email address to keep up-to date with current events.


Along the top of the website is the navigation that allows the user to directly go to the beer page, visit page, Shop page, and about page. Using a drop down menu, which in this instance is probably the only part of the website that I do not like the functionality, I believe on the modern website, the best thing to do is to use a off canvas menu that appears when on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices using a burger icon, because this is now the most common and useful navigation on the modern website.


In and overview of the website, the other pages do not play much importance to my website, apart from the overall design which can be seen on the home page. The other pages are related to other bars that are located across the globe, where as my website is mainly based on one particular bar.

Overall though the website has given me some inspiration for usability and design, which will be implemented into my website such as:

  • Video Background
  • New Letter Form
  • Overlays for images



Website 2: BEAVER TOWN.




This website has a very different approach to the stone brewing website, using different colours and design, with a different layout also. This website uses an effect called Parallax scroll which adds a level of depth to the website and in turn keeps the user focused on the website.

Home Page

Once you enter the beaver town website, like the stone brewing website the first section is large hero section, but unlike the stone website on the beaver town home page it uses large coloured illustrations accompanied by a parallax scroll effect, with a bland standard link navigation.

In some cases this can be seen as a negative for the website because it doesn’t really give out any clues to the user what exactly this website is for, but at the same time does give out the whole feel and design of the company.


History Page

One page on the website that stuck out to me was the history page, but not because of the design which I find fairly bland but because it is something a craft beer drinker likes to know about the brewery, its history.

On this page it shows you the history from start to the modern day of how Beaver town began, and would make quite an interesting section of the 80 days website. This is incredibly important for the audience, because people who like craft beer not only consume it but is also a major talking point.





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