One major learning curve within this project was to use the program FL Studio to develop a soundtrack for my graphic novel. After conducting some research into 80s movie soundtracks, and also research into how to evoke emotion with sound has allowed me to develop and idea of what direction I was going to be taking with my soundtrack.

But not only that writing the story, has given me the knowledge of what music I should create for each section and what emotion I want to evoke within each section.



For the first theme of my graphic novel, I really wanted to set the main tone of this graphic novel and bring out the emotion in the reader which is Horror. After researching other soundtracks, one song that really stuck with my and that I think really brings out the tone of the film was the intro theme to the shining.

I want the reader to feel the darkness and horror of this story from the get go, so as the reader scrolls down the experience the sound hits that note and perfectly accompanies the artwork.

Development Of Soundtrack Using FL Studio

TRACK 1 – Finished – BYRO (Dark/Horror)

This is the first track that will play at the beginning of the experience, where the body is first discovered. This will really bring out the fear in the reader, with the pulsating 80s bass synth that grows louder as the track plays, accompanied by the chilling orchestral violins that swoop around the bass synth.


TRACK 2 – Finished – CLUES (Mysterious) 

After the main theme plays, this track slowly fades in with the scroll when the characters start discussing the book, and when Kranz is looking through the book trying to find evidence to link Cyral to the murder.

I tried to bring out the mystery of the section of the chapter within this piece of music, using a high pitched slow synth that adds a mysterious opening feel to track, and then a looped bass synth that adds that 80s feel.


TRACK 3 – Finished – CLUES 2

After the first mysterious theme, clues 2 is a more fuller bodied version that brings in more exciting elements to the track, as the characters start to learn more about the case and go deeper into the story.

Clues 2 incorporates the same track as clues one, but becomes much more exciting as it plays through, using a choir synth I managed to up the sound of mystery and then overlaid a secondary melody that brought out that mysterious feel a little more.


TRACK 4 – Finished – BYRO END THEME (Excitement)

With this track I tried to make a heavier 80s sounding song, that will play at the end of each chapter where it will state (End Of Chapter One). It will excite the reader into buying the other chapter, and make them want to continue reading.


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