One of the major steps of this process was to decide on the genre of my graphic novel, deciding on the genre will allow me to develop an idea in my head of what the story will be based on and also the type of music and drawing style I will be taking.



Because I discovered within my research into current trends that 80s style cinema and music is now been rehashed and re used within current modern cinema and music. One of the most popular genres within 80s cinema was horror, famous for bringing some of the biggest cult classics within that genre.

If am going to incorporate the 80s style into my graphic novel, I thought the best genre to select would be horror because its what the 80s was famous for in relation to cinema.


As part of my research into this genre I decided to look into what the target audience for this genre would be, I came across a really good resource of information that spoke of exactly who the target audience is in reference to age groups and gender.





The Chart above states that individuals who enjoy to watch horror films are predominantly of a younger demographic, under the age of 25. Between the ages of 15 to 25, younger people want to experiment with different emotions and feelings by trying out new things, rushing into life without guidence therefore seeking a thrill.

Horror films are a great way for a young person to feel these emotions, and can excite and can excite a younger audience rather than an older one.


Its states on the informative article that horror films are most popular among men, with 58% showing the most interest, with females following at a total of 42%. It isn’t unusual that males want to watch more horror films than females, this is because of the stereotypical thrill seeker portrayed with a boy and the thrills boys seek to contest with their young adult hormones.


Horror Film Research




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