One of the main things I must consider before taking this process any further is to actually look into how to develop the story, to allow keep the user hooked to the screen. i began by looking to articles and blog posts by writers on how exactly to structure a horror story the ensure the reader gets the most out of reading the story.

I discovered a really good informative article on things to consider before writing your horror story, and also how to structure your story. This article is by Karen WoodWard who was written a few horror story’s and also has written books to guide writers on how to structure their story depending on the genre.

The Purpose Of a Horror Story

The purpose of a horror story is to terrify the reader, or disturb them in some way. To bring out the emotions of horror and terror within the reader, but at the same time must keep the reader fixated through fascination to how the story plays out.



  1. Act One – Normal

    The main character/characters are brought into play into a normal situation. Foreshadowing a situation or dangers to come.
  2. Act Two – Something Goes Wrong

    Within the second act something can then change the normal situation into a different situation which suddenly brings in the main tones and themes of the story.

(It can be reflected that within the first act the story could already start off dark and sinister, and then be flipped on its head in the second act and change the narrative of the story.)

This section is the most essential for the narrative of the story, because it starts the downward spiral that horror films take to bring in the main disturbing elements that are found within horror films.

Take for example a bunch of teenagers on a road trip, and suddenly get lost in the woods, or a family on a plane going on holiday and the plain suddenly begins to fall out of the sky. These scenarios completely flip the story on its head and allow it to turn into something entirely different.

  • Act Three – A Warning

    Within this act a situation occurs that would give a reasonable person second thoughts about going forward, this allows the reader to develop and understanding of what exactly is going to occur, and sort of not only warns the characters but warns the reader if there going to keep reading to see what happens as the story plays out.



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