The Story – BYRO

Chapter 1 – Chapter 2


Chapter 1 – THE BOOK

BYRO is a story about two police officers (Officers Billy Brunel and George Kranz) who get called into investigate a crime scene where an unidentified man is found dead with a knife in his back. Upon looking into the crime scene to find evidence George discovers a book with a large pentagram etched on the front, once opening the book he notices that the book seems to be the memoirs of what sounds like a paranoid schizophrenic, who speaks of losing his mind and his views of everyday life and how much he hates it.

After finding the book a noise blurts out from behind them, in steps in a homeless man named (Cyril) who claims to have seen the murder play out. Kranz asked him if he has seen where the perpetrator has ran off to, Cyril then begins to act extremely suspicious as though he’s being sarcastic and claims that the man actually stabbed himself in the back, the officers become suspicious of the homeless man, and bring him back to the station as a suspect.

Once at the station Cyril is put into a room for further questioning, as Kranz tries to further inspect the book, and notices that it is signed by a man or woman named (Byro) accompanying the signature are the etchings of a crazed lunatic in biro pen, that endlessly seem to go on deep into the individuals hatred for the world and society, the strange thing about that book is that it is not yet finished, and seems to have been last updated right before the murder, with the last pages talking about killing the individual who was discovered and also naming him as (George Murry).

Kranz Then looks into the police system to discover who George Murry is, and where about in the city he’s from and what he did for a living. After scanning through endless documentations on different people from the city named George Murry he then discovers that this man is a Police Officer but from a different city named Jones Vill, just outside of Flynt Town. He decides to then save it for the next day to go and investigate this man’s life and for any clues or evidence as to what may have happened to him that night.

The next day he turns up at Murry’s home, where he meets his wife (Connie) and breaks the news to her that her husband has been found murdered. He enters the home and speaks to her about her husband George, she speaks of him in quite a distasteful manner stating that he was mentally ill and a scum bag, and also states that he had been to a crime scene a month ago where he discovered a dead body, and discussed the only piece of evidence that was found was a book signed by a character named BYRO that he became obsessed with and changed him as a person.


Chapter 2 – DON’T READ THIS

The second chapter starts by returning back to the police station, where Cyril is getting questioned by Officer Billy, Cyril keeps coming out with the same story that he saw the man walking as though he was drunk, and convulsing and twitching shouting his wifes name at the top of his lungs in an extremely aggressive and angry manner. Billy shrugs off Cyril’s story and tells him how it is looking for him, telling him that he is the prime suspect.

Suddenly Kranz bursts in with blood shot eyes, with some news on the case. Kranz begins to talk about where he has been for the last 24 hours, saying that he has followed a trail of murder across three different cities just outside of Flynt where five different officers have been found dead, and the only piece of evidence has been found is the book. Kranz looks at Cyril and says “Got a problem with the force? Byro.”

Cyril suddenly blurts out, “I want my lawyer before we speak” Kranz and Billy laugh and say “Homeless man with a lawyer? That’s not suspicious at all”. Hours later Kranz decides to look back into the book, to see if there is anything within it that will incriminate Cyril and link him to the murders. Hours pass as Kranz Becomes fixated on finding any clues within the book, and begins to feel extremely disorientated as though hes drifting off into a dream, and can’t stop thinking of forgetting about work and going for a drink and enjoying himself.

Suddenly Kranz finds himself stood back at where the crime took place, and its daylight. He also feels incredibly sick, disorientated, and confused he suddenly realises that he isn’t dreaming and notices the only thing he has with him are his clothes and the book. He then hears a noise from behind him that says “Do it.” He spins around in shock and notices that there is nobody to be seen. His phone begins to ring, its Billy. Hysterically Billy is shouting down the phone “Kranz! Where have you been for the last two days??? The chief is asking about you”.

Kranz goes back to the station to find a furious chief, telling him to clear his desk and leave. Kranz begins to tell him about what happened but has no recollection of what had actually happened, the chief calms himself and asks him if he’s having any problems, but all Kranz can think about is the book, and thought about Murry and how his wife had said the book changed him. Kranz looks at the chief, and says “I think there’s more to this book and its role in the murder.” And begins to elaborate on the story of Murry and his interactions with the book.

The next day Kranz goes back in to speak to Cyril, just as he enters the room Cyril shouts “I told you I don’t want to speak until my lawyer is here.”, Kranz looks at him, and says “I believe you, something happened to me the other day… after reading this thing.” Cyril looks up and says “You lost control of yourself didn’t you.” With a grin. Kranz looks at Cyril and says “How Do You Know?”, Cyril murmurs “I’m a detective, I’ve been following this book for a while now, Following the Byro Trail.” He reiterates, “There’s more than five you know.” Kranz drops his coffee in shock. Cyril sticks out his arm to shake Officer Kranz hand and says with a big grin “Now you’ve come to your senses, I’m Detective Pinkman, have a seat lets have a chat.”


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