After going through the research and developing an idea of exactly what I want to implement onto the website I returned to the client to speak with him about what I plan to do for the website, and layout my ideas and my draft to discuss exactly what he wants and what he doesn’t want.

Some of the main discussion points included, what I had discovered previously during the discovery phase, and the research phase in relation to how the content I have planned out in the draft fit the target audience of his bar for the website.

After reviewing the drafts over with the client there where some key elements that he really liked about the website, specifically:


He loved how like the stone brewing website, which is a website he really likes that the 80 Days Bier Haus website will have a large video background. He also mentioned to me about after the video has been filmed he can use this for further marketing purposes on his Facebook page.


He really liked the idea for the menu page because of the detailed description of each individual beer, and also how you filter the selection of beers.


He liked how this page, will have the full backstory of 80 days bier Haus history and that he can update it when ever he wants.

After referring back to the client he seemed extremely happy with me to go ahead and begin designing the website.


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