Before stepping into the design phase I decided to look into a few different fonts for the 80 days website, something I have noticed throughout researching different craft beer brewery and bar websites I have noticed the fonts are either decorative or bold sans serif fonts take for example:




The fonts used by different breweries are always extremely bold and cutting, this is because the breweries really want to stand out among other breweries, take for example if you are looking into a fridge at a bar, the breweries are almost competing to catch your eye and the best font to use to do that are big bold and capitalised.It is because of this I have decided to use a similar font for the 80 days website.


I started looking for a bold sans serif font that reflects my research into craft beer fonts, and would represent 80 days perfectly. I discovered a font named brothers using TypeKit. I discovered a fantastic font that reflects on my research called:



But because 80 days already has a logo I have decided to utilise the font by developing a tag line for 80 days and using the font to really make it stand out. Other breweries also use this the best example would be brew dog with their tag line Craft Beer For The People:



Bellow is the tag line I created for 80 Day’s using the brothers font:


It represents 80 days as a business because its roots are built deep into the pavement of the HU5 area and represents the community aspect of the business.


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