One of my biggest learning curves with this project, is working with a client. Because I have never really worked with a client before, I thought it would be good practice to focus on this within this project to get me ready for when I leave college, and go onto work in the industry because this something I will have to deal with on a daily basis.

Before going forward on interacting with my client for this project, I decided to research into the best way to go about it, not just to create an understand of what I will get form this experience but also how I can improve the whole experience for the client.

I looked into what would be the best way to start this process, and how to understand the clients needs straight off the bat.

I got these questions from this source:
Bianca Board

Questions You Must Ask Your Client Before Designing Their Website



1. What does your business actually do?

Having a good understanding of exactly who the company is, and what there all about is key when it comes to the design stage aspects of the website. Having a thorough understanding of how long they have been around, what they are all about, and what they want will influence your ideas and how you are going to go about making this website throughout the process.



2. What do you want your site to accomplish?

A better way of wording it –

“What’s your primary goal for the site? What do you want most from it? Quote requests, sales, class booking, more memberships etc?”

Do not go into the process and designing a website, if you do not know what the client wants the website to accomplish.


3. What makes your company remarkable?

Getting an understanding of what makes the clients business so special is the key to making the website stand out among other competitors.


4. Who are your competitors?

Having a good understanding who your clients competitors are is quite important, looking at competitors work and developing an idea of how you can improve on there designs, and make your clients work stand out amongst them.


5. What features do you want your website to have?

Understanding exactly what features the client must have, or what they would like it important because even if you can’t add one feature there will always be some form of substitute with a similar use that can be added.

here are some examples of what the client may want on there website:

  • A shopping cart?
  • Social media implementation?
  • Email collection and email marketing capability?
  • Auto-responders for nurturing?
  • A blog or news feed?
  • Photo galleries?
  • Onsite videos?
  • A slider banner?
  • A mobile site?
  • A responsive site?
  • A blog or news page?
  • The ability for people to leave comments?
  • A quick contact form, quote request or booking form?

6. What websites do you like and why?

Having a good understanding of what website’s your client likes, allows you as a designer to take influence from them and implement them into there site. As long as the features they like do n0t conflict with with any chosen usability in relation to your research.

7. Who are your customers?

Having an understanding of your clients audience is extremely important when it comes to the final product in relation to usability and design, and also the most important aspect fulfilling the websites purpose to craft bier and bring them into the bar.


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