Now I had my parallax Javascript working I decided to begin implementing the scroll audio fade, which will make the experience a lot more immersive for the user, and bringing more life to my illustrations and the experience over all.


How It Works


The first step of this process is to create a folder containing all audio files, and then adding in audio within the HTML its incredibly important to add attributes such as loop and autoplay these attributes allow for the audio to play over and over again, and autoplay allows for the some to automatically play once the audio files has been reached on the page.


Once this has been achieved the next step is to add ID tags to the audio files, that links directly to the javascript file.


Once the html elements have been added, the javascript must be added to add the audio scroll fade. The ID tags are selected, next to the selected tags is the fade effect depending on the pixels scrolled.

scrollaudiojavascript.pngBy setting the digits within the selected ID tags you can set how many pixels it takes to scroll until the audio:

  • Fading Out
  • Duration Of Audio
  • Fading Out

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