Now I had all of my drawings on my structure I decided to begin implementing the code, and the first piece of code I wanted to implement was Parallax.JS. This is the main effect of the whole experience, adding depth to my images almost making it three dimensional for the user to explore the world I have created with their cursor.

This was a big learning curve for me, because i have never used Parallax.JS before, it is a piece of code that is used widely across many different websites and is classed as one of best parallax effects on Github. 


– HTML –


Within the HTML you need to create a container, and set this to 120% within CSS, by doing this the container where your Parallax.js elements are located will now be within a container that spreads passed the canvas of your screen the reason for this will be described later.

Within the container, an un-ordered list tag with both ID and Class must be created with the name scene for both (this links directly into the Parallax.js javascript file and allows for the file to register that the containing elements will be parallax elements). Within the ul scene tag list items must be created to implement the imagery into, once this has been added an attribute titled data-depth must be added to each list item. This allows you to add the movement of each image within the list tag, in relation to the x and y overflow.


The gif as seen bellow shows this effect in action:

As you can see with Parallax.JS Linked with the HTML list elements, allows the user to use the cursor to view behind each element.


Within the Javascript, the class layer that is added to each list item is connected within the Parallx.JS Javascript file. As it can be seen within the code bellow the javascript then changes the movement of each list item depending on cursor position.


The gif as seen bellow shows this effect in action:

Using the inspect element on chrome you can see the changes of position of each element depending on the cursors position.



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