The next stage for me was to implement the slick carousel for my testimonial block, before writing any of my own code to get the carousel working I had to download the slick carousel files and implement them into my file tree of the 80 Days Bier Haus website.

Here are the files that come attached with the slick carousel:


The two files highlighted are slick.js and slick.css these two files are essential for slick to work, and must be placed into the file tree of your website preferably in a folder titled scripts or js. Once these files are implemented into your file tree the next step is to go into your index.html file and link the files like this:

The Javascript link always goes before the closing body tag:


And then the CSS link inside of the head tag:


Now the files are linked it is time to begin implementing the HTML code to allow the Carousel to work.


Within the HTML document the next step is to insert the elements you want to work with the slick carousel within a container that you can title yourself.



After you have set up slick within your HTML you then have to link the class of your slick slider into the javascript. Making sure that its linked up correctly to slick, you can then add the JAVASCRIPT functions such as adding the dots bellow and making it autoplay.



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