Because I was going to be implementing a video background to the website I really wanted one that was not only unique to 80 Days bier Haus but wanted a video that really brought out the atmosphere of the bar, similar to the one on the Stone Brewing Website.

This is the best way of getting the atmosphere and feel of 80 days across to the user, it will tell them more than a large paragraph of text could ever tell about 80 days. Here are a few things to keep in mind when filming for a video background on a website.


  • Make sure the video is muted
    People will often be playing music whilst browsing the internet, so they do not want it to be interrupted when entering into a website. Usually when there is a video, the user activates the video themselves choosing to play it or not.
  • Browser Compatibility
    Making sure your video is compatible in each browser is very important, some do not support certain file types of code that has been used to implement the video background.
  • Simple Video With Contrast
    Making sure that the video contrast to other page elements such as text, when using a darker video make sure the content is of lighter colours, but when using a lighter video make sure the content is darker in colour.
  • Make Sure The video Reflects the Emotion Of Your Website
    Another important aspect of implementing a video background is that it really does need to reflect the emotion of your website, it can’t just be a video background that has no meaning and does not tell the user anything about the personaltiy of the company.


I decided to ask a student I work with at the new media department called Alistair Kenyon-Brodie if he would be able to come into the bar on a day and do some filming for me. I gave him a brief telling him exactly what I was after to really bring out the look and feel of 80 days.

Here was the brief:

  • Time Lapse Shots
  • Capture Footage Day and Night
  • Capture Footage of Customers Enjoying There Tim in 80 Days
  • Record Footage Of Drink Being Prepared

Here is the final cut of the video, I believe Brodie had fulfilled the brief given to him:


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