Within this section I will discuss how I plan to market and create profit from this project. For the moment BYRO is solely web based allowing the user to go online and view the graphic novel, but I really want to turn this into a story that is solely for tablet and accessible from the app store.






The idea is inspired from the use of amazon kindles and how they allow users to download their favourite books from an app store and using them on a device that can store all of their books in one place rather than carrying five different books around with them.

Because this is the way books are going they are all becoming a more virtual experience in the form of an e book or app that are downloaded from and app store, and will eventually be totally virtual which will make actual books irrelevant eventually. this same process can also be seen with music and film such as:




Netflix and other sources have removed the need to go to a retailer and buy movies or rent them, it has taken over entirely, because now films and series are now all online on Netflix and other entertainment services.





And as well Spotify, apple music, Tidal have all taken over the music front. These platforms contain virtually any music that you want to hear for free, or if you want to remove the adverts you have to buy an account.




The point I am trying to get across is that all entertainment is now transferred  into a virtual format removing the need of using their physical form, such as going to buy a movie or album from HMV and possessing its physical form, the needs of society now want everything in one place.

This made me think about how it would be possible to make money from these interactive graphic novels, because their are examples online but these are free experiences that could be making money by utilising a similar marketing technique.

So I decided that this product could be developed solely for tablet use, using the same techniques as the kindle and implementing the graphic novel as an app that can be bought from the app store.

And each chapter will be sold separately so when the user has finished the first chapter they can then go onto buying the second one, which in turn will generate a profit.


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