Reflecting back on this project I believe I have managed to fulfil the brief and developed some new skills along the way, but at the same time it can be said that there have been some low points. As discussed previously in Future Developments there are a few new skills that I have developed that will help me along with my future endeavours within the industry, but not only have I developed new skills I have discovered new things about myself some good some bad.

The good things I have learnt about myself is that throughout this year there have been a few personal issues from home that in some ways have stunted this project but I have managed to overcome and fulfil the brief by the hand in time. The bad things that I have noticed about myself is that even though I fought through to get this project done on time despite the issues, I discovered that I need to get my time management together so I can improve on my research stages and development stages in good time before a deadline, which is something I am working on improving.

Overall though despite the problems I believe that the final product has come out okay which fits the brief and gets the clients approval.




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