Even though the website fits the brief using code that allows the website to be fully functional for the client and fits the client’s needs, in relation to marketing the business and the functionality of the website using CUSHY CMS that allows the client to edit and manipulate the content on the website to fit his needs but also markets his business using a completely unique web presence separate from the social networking platforms.

I believe that this website could be taken further to fit the needs of the client and the brief, here are a few things I will consider for future developments on the website:

  • Building a CMS Unique to The Business 

    My idea for the development of a unique CMS for 80 days would not only allow the clients to manipulate and change the content of their website, but would also include staff accounts, with features such as the rota to keep track of shifts, a section that allows members of staff and the client to add tabs to the CMS to keep tracked of customers tabs, a notice board for the staff to put up any important messages.


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