Within this section I will discuss the main things that I have learned and discovered throughout this process.

  • Working with a Client
    Even though I knew the client, I believe the process of carrying out this project was carried out in an extremely professional manner that allowed me to develop an understanding exactly how it is to work with a client.


  • A Greater Knowledge of Java Script
    Working on this project allowed me to develop a greater understanding of how to use Javascript, and Javascript animation such as AOS scroll animation. Understanding Javascript is the key to making websites a little more exciting and is definitely knowledge I will be implementing in my future website developments.


  • A Greater Understanding of How a Framework Works
    Using a framework is something I have used previously but never really had a good grasp on some of the elements that are incorporated within them, but after doing this project I have definitely developed a greater understanding of how they work by developing a fully responsive website.
  • Discovery Phase
    Whilst working on this project I really focused on learning as much as I could about the target audience of the project, this is something I really struggled with in this past but believe I have come a long way since my previous projects.

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