Reflecting back on this process it is quite easy to say that there has been some really big learning curves, skills that I would have never have known I could manage to develop at the stage I am at with web design. I thoroughly enjoyed testing myself with this project and felt at times I had bitten off more than I could chew which added to the fun.

Obviously because something like this would take a full team to develop, to do the music, illustrations and code, so it was extremely testing to develop this project and became overwhelming at some points keeping track of what I needed to obviously because I spent a ton of time drawing, making the music and coding by myself teaming together with others to develop something like this would be a better idea in the future.

It can be argued I need to work on my time management skills, which is something I endeavor to improve on because as I get better at managing my time, the better quality my products will end up being. Not only that I believe that it is important for me to focus on the things that really matter without getting distracted.

Overall I believe that working on this project has helped me gain a deeper understanding of the industry I aspire to be a part of, and the different things that I can do with my expertise.

Learning Curves

Throughout the process of this project I have learnt a lot, and managed to develop an understanding of the majority of my learning out comes. I have managed to develop a brilliant understanding of Javascript such as parallax effect, and incorporating sound in with Javacript code.

Not only has the code been a large learning curve for me but I have also developed an understanding of storytelling, using new technologies creating music, and illustration. Not only that but working on a project like this has allowed me to develop an understanding of the different routes I can take within this industry.


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