Video Project – “IN A CITY” – Concept


A Short Film
By Aidan Crow

“IN A CITY” is a film that replicates the feel of a city. My idea was to create a short film that focuses on the feel, sound, and look of different aspects of my home town. I want to make a film that’s atmospheric and shows the viewer that a city is not just a place we live, its a piece of artwork and a thing of beauty, something that most people do not stop and think about when there strolling to work in the morning. I went on a trip around my city on foot and in car to gather footage of my town, and after I cut and edited my footage and put together a 2 minute video that replicate’s the atmosphere of a city, and what its like to be in one. I want my film to make the viewer realize that they’re city isn’t only just a large concrete platform that allows us to live and work, but is also a large living piece of artwork. I traveled to different areas of my city, and focused on the different aspects that together make up a city, like the quiet residential areas like the avenues, to the busy traffic on Clive Sullivan way.

The song I chose to play in the background is by an artists called “Teebs”, the song is called “Just The Yellow Bits” this song fit perfectly in with my idea, because its a lot more up beat in some areas which I used for my footage where their is a lot more going on (when its busy), and then when it drops down to a very smooth beat I used footage of the residential areas and parks (When its tame).

Here is my finished Video.