The Colour Of Southern & Western America

Because the website me and Alistair will be re-designing is from the south of america, but the company itself can relate to Western America in the name “High Noon Holsters” which reminds me of the title of a spaghetti western movie, so I will also be taking into consideration the colours used for the design of the posters of old spaghetti western movie, which are extremely colourful. Southern and Western America are both very colourful regions of the united states, the colours that come to mind when I think of these regions of America and what they look they, the colours that come to mind range from reds, oranges, blues, whites, browns.

The whole colour scheme of the re-design could be based upon the colours of the landscapes of Southern and Western america, which take for example the posters of old spaghetti western movies the colour scheme of each poster are always very similar, because they represent the scenes for where these movies are set, in the deserts of western america. Take for example these posters below their is a lot of shades of dark oranges, and bright shades of reds yellows, all over these poster.

Even the American flag and the Southern American flag use these bright reds and blues, alongside the patriotic white stars. These colours together are very American, the white represents purity and innocence, the red signifies hardiness and valour, and the blue represents the colour of the chief.

As you can see from the picture below, colours of the deserts of Southern and Western America are bright oranges and reds, accompanied by the bright blue sunny skies. And these colours are emphasized across the designs of spaghetti western posters, to set the mood of the boiling hot red, orange, and blue deserts where the movies are based.
Another colour range that comes to mind when I think of old western and southern america, are browns, and blacks. This is because I think of the old wooden saloons, and ghost towns. I love the idea of the re-design having some really intense reds, oranges, and blues on the top of the page, but then as you scroll down onto the main body of the page it moves onto some darker tones of colour where the content of the site will be located.The bright yellows, reds, and oranges are used on the Thematic Southern American sites I looked at such as Old El Paso, and the Rango sites, they showed off some really intense shades of oranges yellows and blues. The Red’s True Barbecue website had a mixture of these bright colours, and then moves onto some darker shades as you scrolled down the page.


Old Western & Southern American Fonts

As part of my research I looked into different Southern American fonts, to gain a greater understanding of the kind of fonts to use for mine and Alistair’s High Noon Holster re-design. From my research of the Southern American sites, I gained a good understand of the kind of fonts I need to be looking at, and saw a few that caught my interest.

Another thing I have noticed from my thematic Southern website research is that most of the fonts bared characteristic’s of old style Serif’s and Slab Serifs. The fonts i need for my titeling of the High Noon Holster re-design, need to be decorative and have quite a bold and old look to them, and maybe even have some form of decorative characteristic’s. I did a little research into Old Style Serifs and Slab Serifs, to gain a greater understand of the fonts I will be using.

Slab Serif Font

The Slab Serif fonts also known as (Egyptian) fonts feature bold text similar to the Modern Serif. Both the vertical and the horizontal edges of these fonts are thick, and they also have horizontal serifs. Probably one of the most famous Slab Serif fonts in the font family would have to be “Clarendon”, this font is probably the best example of a Slab Serif. The Slab Serif is also easier to read in blocks of text, compared to the Modern Serif, you will find the Slab Serif in the modern being used in children’s books. Below is an example of the Slab Serif, and shows off the fonts characteristic’s that make the font what it is.

History Of The Slab Serif
The Slab Serif first came about during the “Industrial Revolution” in the 9th century, when profound changes came to the printing and typography world. The mass production of print, allowed for the creation of more functional type designs for commercial purposes.

The need for type faces in advertising that where not only readable, but where bold and stood out from the page to catch the reader’s attention, was very important. The Slab Serif was an outstanding contribution to these needs, and was the most popular during this era of mass production, and is still very popular today.

The reason behind the Egyptian sounding names of some of the Slab Serif fonts like the fonts “Cairo” and “Karnak” was down to fact during the time the public had a fascination with the discoveries of ancient Egyptian artefacts, and is something the public would be have been reading about during the “Industrial Revolution”. By the end of the 19th century there was loads of different variations of the Slab Serif font, and typography had become very popular and the public took great interests in the world of type.

The Slab Serif relates more to western wanted posters, but this falls into the use of weapons and old America which I think would be very fitting of the High Noon Holsters re-design. Below is a picture of a wanted poster that gives example of the use of the Slab Serif font.

Old Style Serif

History Of The Old Style Serif
The differentiation between the size of the stokes on this style of type face is the biggest tell-tale sign of an Old Style Serif as though it has been hand painted like the Romans used too. Also the Serifs at the end of the letters are slanted, here is an image of old an old style serif with the characteristics of the font explained.

During the 15th to the 17th century type was used on manu-scripts, and during this period saw the creation of 300 different type faces, these are refered to as Old Style Serifs. When printing came to Italy, the type design used was more rounded roman letter style was more readable in comparison to the Gothic font which was more widely used previously.

Venice became one of the most important places for the design of type, mainly down to the location during the 15th century. Francesco Griffo an Italian typographer, created one of the most important type faces in history for a manuscript written by Cardinal Pietro Bembo in 1949. The type face was called “Bembo” after the author the manuscript. The popularity of the font Bembo spread throughout Europe, and this type design became the most inspirational design for later type designs for the next one hundred and fifty years, the designs we refer to as Old Style in the modern-day, can be traced back to Bembo.

The Bembo type face would slowly be perfected over the hundred and fifty years by other typographers into fonts that still carried the same characteristic but would be slightly changed so the font could be used for other purposes. These other type faces would be “Garamond” type face, during the 16th century, the “Caslon” type face during the 18th century.

Southern Fonts


For the titeling on the High Noon Holsters re-design, I want to incorporate a few different fonts just like the other Southern American fonts I looked out, to give it that rugged, D.I.Y look to it. I looked at a variety of Old Style Serifs, Slab Serifs, and even some Script fonts I could maybe incorporate together to give it that rugged look.

This style can also be seen on the front of Saloons in Southern America, I think this is where the whole design of this formation of tilling has come from, below is a picture of the sign of a Saloon that shows this off.

Some Southern American fonts can be quite decorative and during my research I saw some great examples of decorative fonts. One of my favourite fonts I came across during my thematic Southern American sites research was on the Old El Paso site for the company logo, picture below.

ellogoI tried to find this font using font finder but the search did not find a font that even bared resemblance to this one, but I found another site called “TravelTex” which had another font that had at the end of the lettering that reminded me of the handle of a gun. So I used font finder to locate this font, that looks like this…

traveltexI came across a few fonts that bared resemblance to this one, which I think could be very fitting for the tiling on the High Noon Holster re-design. Below are a few fonts I came across that I think would fit right in on the re-design.

FTY Garnish Worse Regular

This font looks as though it should be on the front of a wanted poster.

Bonzer – San Francisco

This font reminds me of the kind of type face you find on the front of a saloon in the old west, its stylish and bold and would fit into the re-design of High Noon Holsters.

I also looked at some script type faces, and decorative type faces.

This font is script and decorative, it looks hand written and I think it would fit in with the whole D.I.Y. look to the tiling, probably would work really well on the bottom of the titles.

 Carnivalee Freakshow RegularCarnivalee Freakshow Regular
Decorative and holds characteristics of a slab serif font, this is another font I think looks as though it could maybe be used on the front of a saloon or on a wanted poster.

Main Body Text

For the main body I think it would be fitting to use a form of basic Old Style Font, considering it was one of the original type faces to be used on manuscripts and used in the first small hand-held books, I think it would give the page quite an old and authentic look to it.

Horley Old Style

An old style serif like this would be great for the main body text, something simple easy to read, but at the same time keeps that old look to it. When it comes to the actual design I will be looking through and testing a few other old style fonts, for the main body text.

State Of Florida Anti-Gun Laws

As part of my Research for my second semester brief in “User Centred Design” I looked into American Gun Laws so I had a greater understand of the whole gun scene in american, and so I could use this as part of the content on the site when it comes to re-designing the High Noon Holster page.

Across America each state has different gun laws, some are a lot harder on civilians owning a concealed weapon and some are not as hard. I will narrow down my research into just the state High Noon Holsters is located, which is Florida located to the south-eastern side of American.

Florida Anti-Gun Law

Florida is known as a “Shall-Issue” state, this is because unlike other states in America Florida issues concealed carry licenses to people who live in Florida and to people who don’t. Florida grant concealed carry licences to those people who do not live in Florida but they have to be from another state in American that hold the same laws, and must be over 21 or if under must work for some kind of armed force.

I will now run through each law Florida has in place when it comes to owning or using a concealed weapon…

Selling a Fire Arm
It is illegal to sell a gun to a person who isn’t able-bodied, like a felon, drug addicts, civilians under the age of 21, people with bad mental health, vagrants, anyone who has not been received approval via the department of Law enforcement.

Carrying a Fire Arm
To carry a concealed weapon in Florida, the holder must have a license present at all times, and must be over the age of 21.  A concealed weapon can not be carried in areas of Florida where the weapon can be seen as a place that annoys the community or worries them, or an area that is known of illegal activities such as gang violence, or illegal gambling.

Keeping A Fire Arm At Home
If storing a loaded fire arm at home where children are present, the owner must make sure the weapon is unloaded or in a locked container or the security lock on the weapon must be switched on. To make sure no child under the age of 21 can gain access to the fire arm.

Using A Fire Arm (Deadly Force)
A civilian may use deadly force, if it comes to self-defence defending themselves against some one else who is going to attack you, or break into your home. Deadly Force is legal when it comes to the individual fearing for their own life, here is a list of situation that permits the use of deadly force…

treason, murder, manslaughter, sexual battery, carjacking, home invasion, robbery, burglary, arson, kidnapping, aggravated assault, aggravated battery, aggravated stalking, aircraft piracy, unlawful throwing, placing or discharging a destructive device or bomb; and any other felony which involves the use or threat of physical force or violence against an individual.


Thematic Southern Web Site Over View

The three thematic southern websites I have looked at have given me great insight into the kind of designs to be expected by my target audience for mine and Alistair’s re-design, the colours to use, and the types of fonts that would be expected on a typical southern American website. All three sites had their own personalities that I think have all inspired a lot ideas I have been having for the re-design of High Noon Holsters. In this post I will be going over the certain areas of interest I have picked up from looking into these sites, and how I want to incorporate them into the re-design.

My favourite site among the three has to be the Red’s True Barbecue site, this page is absolutely beautiful and has some amazing graphical elements that really catch your eye when using the site. Such as the old Mexican artwork that is used for the graphics on the page, I could maybe use this artists element among the content on the High Noon Holsters page. Something that has inspired some ideas for the navigation for the re-design, would have to be the use of parallax on the Red’s site and the Old El Paso site, I really like the way that each section on the parallax scroll of both of these sites are extremely colourful and really catch the eye, but focuses into the content located on each section.

Something I had in mind since the beginning before I even looked at the Rango site, was the large image at the top that set the theme of the site in a whole. A large picture of a desert or something that makes it seem straight off the bat, that this site is based around southern or western America. And also another thing that I think both the Old El Paso site and the Rango site both had a king of old wanted poster kind of look to hold in some content on the page, that gives the site a very southern, western thematic feel to the page.

It has been made very clear across all three websites, the kind of fonts I will need to look into. My favourite font I have seen is from the Old El Paso logo, something about that font felt very fitting for the High Noon-Holsters site, because the ends of the letters in that font reminded me of the handle on a gun.

The formation of the main titles, on the Old El Paso site and the Red’s site gave off the effect as though it was put together by hand, D.I.Y kind of feel to it. Which can be related back to the target audience, which would more than likely be men because guns and everything related to guns can be seen as quite a manly thing, and the D.I.Y element of the font formation can be seen as quite a manly thing.

There are some great uses of colour, across all three of these sites. The Red’s True barbecue web site probably had my favourite colour scheme, which I think would represent and create that thematic element of High Noon Holsters re-design. I will be using some really dark colours, to brighter colours probably for the content, with some intense graphics that stand out from the darker background.

The interactivity found on the Rango site has given me a few small ideas that I could maybe play around with for the re-design, I was thinking of maybe using a small interactive experience that recreates the notion of being stood in a shooting range, and maybe using the targets as a form of interactive button for something, I think that would create quite a nice little experience to go onto the site.

3. Thematic Southern Web Sites – (Rango – Official Movie Web Site)

As part of my research I looked into other thematic web sites that are based upon the look of southern America. This piece of research was to give me an understanding of the kinds of colours used, fonts, and to inspire some ideas for mine and Alistair’s re-design of High Noon Holsters site. Rango – Official Movie Web Site This is the website for an animated film that was created back in 2011.

Rango – Official Movie Web Site

rango1Out of the three websites, this is the only one that breaches the boundaries between a website and an online interactive story book. It is visually immersive and keeps the user entertained as they travel through the pages, like the Red’s website the Rango site uses a unique form of story telling for the user, the interactivity on this page is quite childish and fun and sits the user in the world of Rango and allows you to explore through the different worlds Rango encounters in the movie.

My favourite aspect of this page, is the large beautiful use of animated imagery used upon the top of the site. This is something I have had in mind for the High Noon Holsters site from the beginning, I want to use a large image of a desert or something that really does represent the south and place it on the top of the site, this would instantly put the target audience at home.

The animated top image on the Rango website, uses interactive buttons to allow the user to navigate through the Rango universe, all of the interactive buttons are incorporated into objects located within the top image, alongside these buttons are other pointless interactive animations that you can click on and they will do something. All of this is aimed at a younger audience, it’s fairly easy to understand and use.

rango2As you can see once you click on the sign located on the top image, it takes you too another area of the website, it’s quite an interesting way to navigate around the site, and for I would say it is quite a clever way to keep the younger audience interested in the website. Each page is themed like a scene from the movie, and creates that affect for the user as though its them exploring the world of Rango for them selves.

rango3Another cool little thing about the page is that you can interact with characters you see in this world, and play games with them and so on. Like this page, after you enter into the “General Store” you can then, buy the film from the shelf below is the picture of the general store.


The fonts that can be found across this site, are very decorative and inspired from old western & southern fonts, Like the main titles of the film, look like the kind of font you would find on a wanted poster or on the doors of an old western saloon. The colour scheme in relation to the main body of the site, disregarding the interactive top image, are dark brown colours for the background, then bright yellows for the titles and text. This allows for the written content to really stand out against the background, this is the kind of style I would like for mine and Alistair’s re-design, a page that has some really dark background colours, that makes the content on the site really stand out.

Some of the content can be located inside of the interactive top image, and is displayed on old paper that looks like wanted posters here you can see, this really does give it that western & southern feel to the site.
rango5This could add a really nice thematic feel to mine and Alastair’s re-design, and is something I will be considering when it comes to my design for High Noon Holsters.

2. Thematic Southern Web Sites – (Old El Paso)

As part of my research I looked into other thematic web sites that are based upon the look of southern America. This piece of research was to give me an understanding of the kinds of colours used, fonts, and to inspire some ideas for mine and Alistair’s re-design of High Noon Holsters site. Old El Paso This is a Mexican food company that specialise in products that allow people to make simple Mexican foods from home.

Old El Paso

oldelpasoThe Old El Paso web site uses some very vibrant bright colours accompanied by a great use of parallax scroll. One of the main things I love about this page is the fact, each section that contains the content of the page, look as though it has been ripped and stuck against something, this reminds me of the old wanted posters and relates back to what I was saying about the titles on the Red’s True Barbecue page, it resembles to me as though it has been put together by hand, and gives the site quite an authentic look. Another thing I really like about this page is the top banner that contains the images, it really stands out even against the bright colours used on the web site. Here’s an example from the recipes page of the wanted poster look.

wantedposterThe fonts used for the titles in comparison to the Reds True Barbecue page are very similar, they look as though they have been formed together by hand, a D.I.Y look to the formation and placement to the fonts. One of my favourite fonts used on this page has to be the one used for the actual Old El Paso logo itself.

ellogoThe end of each letter in this font reminds me of the handle of a gun, which I think would be quite fitting for the redesign me and Alistair will be making. I used font finder to try and find the font but their was no match, but for the High Noon Holsters main title font I would like to use a font that is similar.

The colours used across the site are extremely prominent, and are what gives this site such a vibrant and beautiful look. The bright colour pallet of the site ranges from, yellows, reds, blues, oranges, greens. These colours represent to me the actual food itself, and the kind of the ingredients that are used in the food they produce, the colours to me add a flavour to the page, and they way they are presented on the site on the parallax scroll it’s as though it is a burritto or something all the different flavours stacked on top of each other. All the colours, fonts, and the design overall of the site really does fit the products that Old El Paso produce, and sets the target audience at home, which is people who are into Mexican flavoursome and spicy styles of food.

Overall I think this website works for what it is, and has given me a better idea for the kind of colour scheme, fonts, and design I will be using for the High Noon Holsters re-design.

1. Thematic Southern Sites – (Red’s – True Barbecue)

As part of my research I looked into other thematic web sites that are based upon the look of southern America. This piece of research was too give me an understanding of the kinds of colours used, fonts, and to inspire some ideas for mine and Alistair’s re-design of High Noon Holsters site. Red’s – True Barbecue This is an all american smoke house restaurant, the website has a Southern American feel and look to it.

Red’s – True Barbecue


The Red’s True BBQ website is my favorite site among the pages I will be examining, the link for the site is located in the title. From the graphics to the fonts, colours, and to the way you navigate around the page together fall into one beautiful page, that I find myself returning too just to look in awe of its beauty. On the site they use story telling to create interest in their users, through out the site, something that is self evident is the point they force across to the user in a stylistic and immersive way is that the food they make is that good its holy, its something people should worship, not only does it make them look like BBQ gods, it also makes the user feel as though they belong to something like when you select the “restraunts” page is comes up with the message “choose a place of worship”, it really does give off the message, that these people care for there work.

“The None Believers Must Be Led To Places Of Joy To Cleanse Their Souls With Smoked Offerings!”

To accompany the great story telling across the site,  are the gorgeous thematic elements of both the design, layout, to the graphics and fonts used on the site. The graphics that can be found stapled on each page of the site look as though their based on Mexican artwork, and all of the titles all relate to religion which are two really big things in the south of America, the graffiti style graphics and the religious side of this website reach right out to the target audience, and make them feel at home. Here are some examples of Mexican graffiti, just to show the similarities to the graffiti and the graphics used on this site.

This design using these detailed black and white graphics stand right out against the blank but bright coloured background, and create quite a bold, beautiful, and immersive affect for the user.These graphics usually represent death, which probably wouldn’t be the greatest idea to use for a gun holster website, using the same style of graphics but to represent something different just like the red’s website has done. Like maybe using this style of design, to recreate a golden eagle or something along those lines. Another thing I really like about this website is the parallax scroll on the main page when you first enter into this site, the colourful layers that overlap each other as you slide down the page this has given me a few ideas for the design of our re-design, which I will be going into detail in a later post. Below I will show case a excerpts of the story telling from the “About” page… sr3 sr4 You can see from the screen shots from above, how beautifully executed the story telling has been done. Everything about this website has been presented brilliantly, each page is on point, and really does make this company look godly something special. There is a range of fonts used on this site, multiple styles of fonts have been used for the titling for each section of the page, as you can see from the screen shot above, their is a mixture of Slab Serif’s, Decorative Fonts, loads of old style serifs and so on. This creates quite an old and bold affect on the titles, in a way it kind of looks like its a piece of D.I.Y work as though it has been put together by hand, which can relate to the target audience, considering the food served at these restraunts can be considered more aimed towards men, the look of the D.I.Y titles can relate into that as well. The colour scheme of the site ranges from some intense shades of blue, red, black, and white and shows off some extremely affective uses of the principles of white space, that makes the content the key focus point for the user, everything stands out so clear among the bright but plane backgrounds, and prevents the user from looking any where else other than the content on the website.